The Bridge
Children who need attention and resources beyond what the regular Montessori classroom can offer are placed on the Bridge Program so that both their needs and the needs of other children are not compromised. The Bridge Program provides its children with the extended individual attention and modified lessons that they require to learn.

Children may be placed on the Bridge Program due to any gap in behavioural, intellectual, academic, or physical development, regardless of whether or not the child has a diagnosed developmental disorder. The goal of the Bridge Program is to bridge these gaps so that the child can reach his/her developmental/academic potential.


To address developmental gaps.

For a variety of reasons, including lack of opportunity/stimulation and crisis periods, children may experience temporary gaps in their development. These gaps are identified through observation, milestone checks, or diagnostic or standardized tests. The Bridge Team works with the classroom teacher to identify and target these gaps as soon as they are suspected.

To detect learning differences, delays, and disabilities as early as possible.

Some children may have underlying disorders or disabilities. Children who demonstrate warning signs are recommended for professional evaluation. Early intervention is critical. Children who are diagnosed early have a greater chance of closing the developmental gaps.

To ensure that children with special needs are integrated into the regular classroom environment as much as possible.

Discovery House operates based on a policy of “inclusion,” allowing children to learn with their peers while still receiving any extra attention they may require.

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