Many of the current top-demand jobs did not exist 10 years ago. Today’s schools are educating children for a world we can only imagine, to create solutions to problems we don’t know, using technologies that have not been invented yet. A Discovery House education is vision-driven, always keeping the end in mind. We give careful consideration to the future world our current students will live in, and their divine purpose.

Education for Life:

Timeless values in a rapidly changing world

The best predictors of success in life are beyond academic knowledge acquired in school, but more importantly how we know and how we use what we know in our environment and relationships. Against the background of an unpredictable future, we are focused on timeless qualities inherent in an authentic Montessori education. The Discovery House Graduate has a strong foundation to be:

  1. Intrinsically Motivated
  2. Autonomous
  3. A Problem Solver
  4. Creative
  5. Confident and Competent life-long learner
  6. Culture of respect
  7. Broad perspectives
How do we deliver these values?

Outstanding Developmental/

Academic Program

We go above and beyond the average school’s responsibility of delivering an academic program that meets state standards for Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and General knowledge across other subjects (science, history, geography, et cetera). Beyond the what we teach is how we teach, and the resources available to our learners.

Our learning objectives and outcomes are very robust, and very well-crafted using Montessori outcomes, covering State curriculum expectations and beyond.

Curriculum content is covered in an individualized, self-paced and inter-disciplinary approach, under the guidance of competent, certified teachers. Discovery House classrooms are well resourced with the complete suite of Montessori materials for that level.

Infant-Toddler Community

Infant-Toddler community is a developmental program to meet the needs of children from 3 months to 3 years.

Childrens House
Children's House

This classroom, traditionally referred to as the “Casa” (Italian for “house”) houses the children aged usually from 3 to 6.

Elementary Program

As with the early childhood program, the child has the same teacher in the same classroom for 3 years.

we are a bilingual school-2
The French Program

To develop bilingual global citizens who can seamlessly transition between Francophone and Anglophone cultures.

restore environment
Enrichment Program

Our enrichment program consists of after-school activities that further enrich the children’s experiences.

The Bridge

The Bridge Program provides its children with the extended individual attention and modified lessons.

Strong Community

We recognize that a shared vision and competence in the staff, parents and other significant adults in the lives of our children are critical to their success and our success as a school.

We have structured programs designed to develop competence and to build community. These include:

  1. Robust Staff Development programs
  2. Parent Education Series – including grandparents and care givers
  3. An active Parents Forum, the executive committee for the parent body.
  4. Continually strengthened channels of communication

Christ-Centered Vision

Our mission is to educate children who will use their phenomenal skills, abilities and knowledge to serve God’s agenda through Jesus Christ.
They will be lovers of God with an optimum sense of social responsibility.

Our Statement of Faith

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