Faculty and Staff

We are a community of learners including the staff. We see ourselves as adult learners who, just like the children, are discovering and perfecting ourselves continually. The culture standard for the adults is the same as envisioned for the children: intrinsic motivation, autonomy, competence, et cetera. Our teams work in a collaborative, non-competitive environment leveraging off one another’s strengths.
Our faculty is a team of people who are passionate about their children and their successes. Watching them with the children is like watching a parent with a large brood. They are nurturers, choreographers, encouragers and a variety of other roles.
Working in the background to provide a strong backbone for learning is a hard working highly dedicated team of professionals in various fields: IT, Finance, HR, Facilities Management, and more.
These two sub-teams work together, propelled by the vision and guided by a strong set of core values. All are expected to hold themselves to the highest standards of spiritual, ethical and professional conduct as outlined in the code of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and the American Montessori Society (AMS).

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