Montessori and Current Research

Montessori and Current Research

There is a rapidly growing body of research highlighting the benefits of a Montessori education.

  • Montessori Outcomes

Book: Montessori: The Science Behind The Genius

Article: Children in Montessori Schools Are Better Educated

Article: Montessori Preschool Elevates and Equalizes Child Outcomes: A Longitudinal Study

  • Movement and Cognition

Movement, or physical activity, is thus an essential factor in intellectual growth, which depends upon the impressions received from outside. Through movement we come in contact with external reality, and it is through these contacts that we eventually acquire even abstract ideas.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

Article: Don’t Just Stand There, Think!, Boston Globe

  • Peace Education

“Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

Article: Why Peace Education Matters

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